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What is the .SLC File Extension?

.SLC File Extension Description:

The SLC fie extension is a CAD slice file that is used with computer aided design software such as Rhinoceros 3D. A file in the .slc file extension can be created using the Modelworks command in Rhinoceros 3D and sent to the Rhino model. The software has an edit box for slice files, from which you can also enter the name for the file in the .slc file extension that you want stored. This can be sent to other 3D modeling machines such as Solidscape.

The thickness of CAD slice files in the .slc file extension can be edited in Rhinoceros 3D, using a drop down menu that allow you to set the thickness of your build. Files in the .slc file extension can be generated from slice created by meshes from a NURBS model. NURBS is also known as Non-uniform rational B-spline and is a mathematical model, which is utilized in computer graphics for the representation and generation of surfaces and curves. NURBS represent in compact form geometrical shapes, and can be handled efficiently by programs while still allowing human interaction.

The SLC file extension is also used by SolidTools for its solid imaging. This Rapid Prototyping component uses a database in the translation of 3D geometry, to parts or physical models that uses a variety of materials and resins. Files in the .slc file extension are the format used for output files by Studio Tools. A NURBS surface is translated first to a file in the .slc file extension, before it can be read by the software for the solid imaging machine.

Furthermore, geometry from StudioTools can also be converted to a file in the .slc file extension. Files in this format are able to cut contours in 2D of the three-dimensional base. An advantage to using the SLC file extension is that the geometry description of NURBS in StudioTools is sliced directly, and so less iteration is needed between the primary geometry and the sent data to be built in the Solid Imaging machine.

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Related Applications: Rhinoceros 3D, SolidTools
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The Cause for .SLC files Errors:

Upon encountering errors with .SLC files you are likely experiencing a serious Windows file error - this error could be the effect of corruption in your registry and action is required to correct it at once to avoid further damage to your file system. Experiencing these errors places your system in danger for fatal crashes, blue screen errors and even hardware failure.

.SLC files Errors - Common Symptoms:

Typical symptoms from .SLC files errors include poor personal computer speed, long program load speed, problems saving files, excessive suspensions in program routines, software shuts down without showing an error message, screen freezing and applications crash.

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