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What is the .SML File Extension?

.SML File Extension Description:

The .sml file extension is a representation for the file associated with the Simile model, which is generated by the software utility, implemented for the simulation of dynamic and complex systems related to life sciences and the environment in Earth. The file extension .sml is a product of a unique declarative modeling technique, based on logic representations for the interactions in the system, which defines a clear, intuitive visual structure. The file extension .sml allows for the implementation of a more productive undertaking of scientific investigators that will allow them to prepare models faster, make sharing easier, and efficiently maintain them.

The .sml file extension's usage is definitely simpler and faster, compared to utilization of programming codes based on either the FORTRAN or the C++ development environments. The application likewise allows for a more expressive presentation of models than what is offered by other similarly categorized software applications. The structure of the file extension .sml is also better than what any spreadsheet format can offer, in the context of its implementation for scientific investigations.

The file extension .sml is also based on the Simple Markup Language, which is commonly implemented in various ways but all share the similar format extension. Web pages carrying the file extension .sml are usually containment units for the specifications associated with the interfaces of modules related to SML Basis Library. The library is the source of the operation and interface of basic data types like strings and integers, including the support for its output and input functionalities as well as lists and options. Implementation of the file extension .sml is not an attempt for defining high level APIs, like the collection types or the components of the graphical user interface, which are normally addressed by other library types.

The SML module system supported by the file extension .sml is utilized more as an organization utility, which normally binds all types, exceptions, and even value identifiers. The functors, structures, signatures and other elements associated with the .sml file extension are classified into optional and required components.

The .sml file extension also symbolizes the support for the SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language), which allows for the authoring of interactive presentations that embed audiovisual objects. The file extension .sml is associated with rich media or multimedia presentations that are integrated into streaming video and audio accompanied by images, text, and other types of media. The structure is similar to the HTML language and is normally prepared using standard text editing software applications.

Author: Simulistics Ltd, AT&:,T and Lucent Technologies, W3C
Author URL:
Related Applications: Simile, SML, AMBULANT
Common Path: C:/


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What Causes .SML files Errors?

.SML files errors are possibly severe Windows errors and many times are caused because of a faulty program registry that you should fix right away to protect against further damage in other software and/or hardware. Risks include system device damage, blue screen errors and fatal program crashes.

.SML files Errors - Common Symptoms:

.SML files errors bring forth numerous symptoms, such as: computer hangs while shutting down or starting up, programs crash, diminished system speed, built-in speaker beeping, problems accessing documents, sluggish behaviour and trouble installing software.

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Scan for .SML File Extension Errors    |    How to Fix .SML File Extension Errors    |    What is the .SML File Extension?