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What is the .SNO File Extension?

.SNO File Extension Description:

The node associated with the Siege Editor, which is a component of the Dungeon Siege Tool Kit that is used in relation to various computer video games developed by the company, is represented by the .sno file extension. The Tool Kit is made up of three components: the Siege Max (based on the collaboration of Gas Powered Games and Microsoft Corporation for the implementation of customizes gmax Game Pack using industry standard animation and 3D modeling features); the Siege University or more commonly known as Siege U (intended for novice and advanced users that provides immense knowledge base for the creation of a customized dream world with the Took Kit); and the Siege Editor.

The Siege Editor is a proprietary module that creates the file extension .sno, to provide the flexibility of reworking and customizing almost all aspects of the computer video game, transforming it to a role playing platform that is characterized by various worlds, dungeons, spells, and characters. The customized contents of the file extension .sno called mods can be shared with other players and developers over the Internet, either for further exploration and development, or to begin a multiplayer game mode.

The file extension .sno is also utilized in the development environment of the PDP-10 SNOBOL, as a representation for the languages compiler source. PDP-10 was a DEC manufactured mainframe computer deployed during the 1960s, where the term PDP means Programmed Data Processor that normally uses the REL format as an output type. The String Oriented Symbolic Language (SNOBOL) generates the .sno file extension, which is a witty reference to the languages ALGOL and COBOL without notable similarities. SNOBOL was classified as a special purpose computer development language that generated a text string oriented file, which carried the file extension .sno that was similar in structure to TRAC and COMIT.

The .sno file extension during the 1970s up to the 1980s was closely identified with text manipulation in the field of humanities, which gradually faded in the face of newer and more powerful languages like Perl and Awk that represent string manipulations as regular expressions. The current usage of the file extension .sno and the SNOBOL programming language are mainly limited to enthusiasts, with special interests and relatively rare new utilization.

Author: Catspaw Inc., Gas Powered Games Corp.
Author URL:
Related Applications: Siege Editor, PDP-10 SNOBOL
Common Path: C:/


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What Causes .SNO files Errors to Occur?

When receiving errors with .SNO files you are potential experiencing a severe Windows registry error - this error can be the result of damage to your registry and action is needed to fix it right away to avert additional corruption to your program registry. While the errors persist your system remains in danger of likely blue screen errors, hardware failure and fatal crashes.

What are the Symptoms of .SNO files Errors?

.SNO files errors bring on numerous symptoms, including: pc locks on start up or shut down, programs lock up, diminished computer performance, case speaker beeps, problems accessing files, slow system behaviour and software installation problems.

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