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What is the .SPT File Extension?

.SPT File Extension Description:

The file extension SPT identifies several data generated by Spector such as Internet addresses, application names, key logs, and screenshots. It basically handles two types of data, namely text and pictures, and serves as the container for all these information.

Each file with the .spt file extension contains three main parts: the header, index, and data block. The file starts with the header at 0x00, which is 0x70 bytes long that has all the information required to set up and read from the file with the .spt file extension. It is composed of 28, 4-byte fields wherein only 22% contain data and these are in the field's 0x00, 0x08, 0x4C and 0x50.

Following the header is the index stored at the end of the file with the .spt file extension. The index is an array of 36 byte entries and is compressed using a part of the zlib compression library called the deflate algorithm. Fields in the header part gives both the compressed and uncompressed size of the index part including how many entries it contains. This makes it easy to create buffers to read the index from the disk and to hold the decompressed output.

Each index entry does not automatically represent each piece of captured data. Spector divides it into several pieces, compresses each separately depending on the size of the captured data, and does this even with the screen captures or long keystroke captures. Each of the compressed pieces is written to the disk, each having its own entry in the index.

The SPT file extension format is relative to what Spector does when activated. First, Spector starts to capture data but has no idea how long it can run or what the size of all the data it can have can be captured. Spector then creates the file with the .spt file extension with the basic header containing information such as when the capture time started, the screen size, along with other fields for information about the file with the .spt file extension that are not yet known such as when the capture time ended. Spector is now active and captures for some random amount of time.

Every new data captured is compressed and written to the file with the .spt file extension in sequential order. Spector then keeps an index on what type of data is stored where. The index grows for every new piece of data captured and written to disk. At the end of the capture process either by rebooting, logging off or manual shut down, Spector cleans up by storing the index at the end of the file with the .spt file extension. Before finally completing the file with the .spt file extension, the fields in the header are updated particularly the field where the index is stored.

Author: SpectorSoft, Inc.
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Related Applications: Spector
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What Causes .SPT files Errors to Occur?

A typical and frequent reason for .SPT files errors is corruption in the Windows program registry - repairs are required to prevent additional harm in other software and/or system devices. Receiving these errors places your computer in danger for fatal crashes, blue screen errors as well as hardware failure.

.SPT files Errors - Common Symptoms:

.SPT files error symptoms include program lock ups, system start up or shut down troubles, slow computer performance, laggy behaviour, input halts, internal speaker beeps, trouble loading application files and errors during program installation.

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What is the .SPT File Extension?    |    How to Fix .SPT File Extension Errors    |    Repair .SPT File Errors