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What is the .SUI File Extension?

.SUI File Extension Description:

The .sui file extension is commonly seen as a format supported by the StarSplatter User Interface, which is described as a tool for the production of animations and images, based on the simulation of data derived from astrophysical particles. The file extension .sui references every particle as a Gaussian blob that uses exponential fall-off, which is similar to the smoothing length of SPH, or the gravitational softening length that is commonly adapted in simulation of astrophysics. The .sui file extension represents the user interface for the rendering of the StarSplatter package that streamlines and simplifies the processes, for finding excellent camera angles and colors that can be applied in the creation of animations.

The .sui file extension's implementation can be considered as optional, since the program remains functional even without specification of the format or renaming to another extension. However, the usage of the file extension .sui in project files of the application allows for easy identification of the file, which is in the standard ASCII format type and describes the number of included star, bunches. Every star bunch that is contained in the .sui file extension is followed by new lines, with the total lines equaling the star bunches' total number.

In terms of the camera properties, the file extension .sui references the current camera position along with its current point of view, degree of rotation based on the angles around the x, y, and z axes, the fovea angle, as well as the yawn and hither values among others. Other data that can be attributed to the .sui file extension include the renderer's cut off intensity; render points and animation progress status, data filename and format, including the image size and whether it has been moved.

Dependencies of the .sui file extension are based on the Perl 5.6.0 or newer, Tk-800.24 or higher, and StarSplatter 1.1 with a non-interactive converter. The configuration of the file extension .sui, related to the format SUIRC, follows a general load command syntax that allows for the usage of format particle files. The compression section of the configuration utility associated with the .sui file extension, allows for the specification of the compression type that is available in the user's system.

Author: Joel Welling, Sean Maxwell
Author URL:
Related Applications: StarSplatter
Common Path: C:/


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What Causes .SUI files Errors to Occur?

.SUI files errors are possibly serious Windows file errors and many times are caused because of a corrupted registry that you should fix at once to protect against further corruption in other applications and/or hardware. While the errors persist your PC remains capable of possible blue screen errors, hardware failure and fatal crashes.

Symptoms of .SUI files Errors:

Typical symptoms from .SUI files errors include slower computer speed, excessive program load speed, failure accessing files, excessive suspensions in software routines, applications closes without an error message, screen halts and programs crash.

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