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What is the .SUO File Extension?

.SUO File Extension Description:

The file extension SUO is one of the two file extensions used by Microsoft Visual Studio. The other one is the SLN file extension. Visual Studio enables an integrated development environment (IDE) for its application by implementing the methods of solutions and projects.

Projects identify a set of source files along with their associated metadata such as build instructions and component references. On the other hand, solutions are identified with one or more projects along with their files and related metadata that helps define the entire solution.

Visual Studio automatically creates a solution when a new project is generated and if needed later, you can add other projects to the solution. Solutions manage how the software builds, organizes, and configures sets of related projects.

Visual Studio in two files stores the definition for a solution: the files with the .sln file extension and the files with the .suo file extension. The file with the .sln file extension stores the metadata that defines the solution whereas the file with the .suo file extension stores the metadata that construct the solution and set its properties.

The files with the .suo file extension contain the solution user options (SUO) that store the user specific settings such as the location of your breakpoints, the open file list for your project or the content of your watch windows. These files are stored in binary format, which cannot be easily edited. Because of the user specific options they contain, they are not normally added to the source control and cannot be shared amongst other users working on the same solution.

The formats of the files with the .suo file extension are not documented or published. They are also hidden from Windows Explorer unless your system is set to display hidden files. These files can be worked with only through the IDE, and unless there is a compelling reason to do so, they cannot be directly edited.

They can, however, be deleted if they prevent the solution from opening because Visual Studio creates a new file with the .suo file extension as soon as you open again the solution. But once the file with the .suo file extension is deleted, any of your user-specific settings will be lost.

Author: Microsoft Corporation
Author URL: http://www.microsoft.com
Related Applications: Visual Studio
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The Cause for .SUO files Errors:

A common and likely reason for .SUO files errors is damage in the Windows program registry - cleaning is needed to avoid further corruption in other applications and/or system devices. Having these errors places your computer at risk for fatal crashes, blue screen errors and even hardware failure.

Symptoms of .SUO files Errors:

.SUO files error symptoms include software crashes, start up or shut down troubles, slow personal computer operation, laggy behaviour, input halts, internal speaker beeps, trouble saving program files and problems during software installs.

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