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What is the .SVQ File Extension?

.SVQ File Extension Description:

The file extension .svq is a format applied in association with the technology InfoBind, jointly developed by Kobe Steel Ltd., NTT East and NTT, used in combination with SmartMedia. InfoBind utilizes the file extension .svq for the protection of copyrighted materials from unauthorized replication, by incorporating a media ID. The ID inserted by the file extension .svq, prevents playback of digital contents on devices that do not possess the appropriate ID, which is a method used by the program to identify illegal copies of media to protect it from unlawful distribution.

The InfoBind technology works specifically with SmartMedia and its corresponding media ID (cannot be overwritten), by converting for example an MP3 media (xxxx.mp3) into the file extension .svq, which can make the data available only on SmartMedia. As an added protection, the .svq file extension can only be played back on the same SmartMedia device that created it, making it unrecognizable by other SmartMedia devices.

The encoding program for the .svq file extension can be handled in either a Macintosh or Microsoft Windows Operating System platform for the SmartMedia memory cards, with a flash storage capacity from eight to 128 megabytes. The technology InfoBind presents is very advantageous for the protection not only of content owners, but also for users, to make sure that each media copy is original.

The .svq file extension is also associated with the MRC-PRO music file format generated by the Roland Keyboard, in relation to its MIDI sequence functionality. The file extension .svq is produced with the XP keyboard series utilizing the MRC Pro Sequencer that features infinite Loop Recording functionality, with Real-time Phrase Sequencing abilities. The .svq file extension allows the changing of track destination for the recorded elements, without stopping the performance and translating to a speedier completion of the song production method.

The MIDI device, which produces the file extension .svq, is considered as one of the better Arpeggiator in the market, mainly attributed to its built-in 33 customizable patterns, that can imitate chord progressions and guitar strums to generate an elaborate style.

Author: FUJIFILM Corporation, Roland Corporation
Author URL:
Related Applications: InfoBind, Midi Sequencer
Common Path: User Defined


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What Causes .SVQ files Errors to Occur?

Upon encountering errors with .SVQ files you are in all likelihood having a severe Windows error - your error can be the result of corruption in your registry and action is needed to fix it immediately to avert further corruption to the file system. During the time the errors remain your system remains capable of possible blue screen errors, device failure and fatal crashes.

.SVQ files Errors - Common Symptoms:

.SVQ files errors bring forth numerous symptoms, such as: computer locks while starting up or shutting down, applications crash, reduced personal computer speed, internal speaker beeps, trouble loading files, sluggish behaviour and problems installing programs.

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What is the .SVQ File Extension?    |    How to Fix .SVQ File Extension Errors    |    Scan for .SVQ File Extension Errors