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What is the .T$M File Extension?

.T$M File Extension Description:

The file extension T$M is an AVG temporary file. The T$M file extension is included with the privately-controlled AntiVirus Guard technology by a Czech company in the year 1991 by Jan Gritzbach, a specialist in software security with branches in the United States and in Europe.

The file extension T$M in relation to the processes of AVG anti-virus temporary files uses the following technological functions in detecting computer viruses:

a) Heuristic analysis - active emulation of the scanned item's instructions in a virtual computer environment

b) Generic detection - the detection of instructions' distinctiveness of a given virus or group of viruses

c) Scanning - finding for character strings that are characteristics of a given virus

When the AVG encounters a corrupted file, it initially scans and copies the file to a temporary directory in cooperation with the file extension T$M. Usually; these files are invisible to the users because they are deleted automatically.

Computer processing programs for a variety of purposes can create AVG temporary files, primarily, in cases either where a program is not able to assign enough memory, or if the program performs on a data that is larger than the architecture's address space or as a form of inter-processes communication.

The file extension T$M updates the version of the user's AVG anti-virus software. The AVG security software is an application containing Internet security processes and anti-virus programs for the Linux and Microsoft Windows calculating platforms by the AVG technologies. One of the features of the AVG is the conservative resource requirement. Its Professional Edition needs 16MB of RAM (random access memory) and 20MB of space on the hard drive.

The contents of the file extension T$M form a sort of log. A distinctive string in a file's first lines showing anonymous id, query and query time, the rank of an item, characterizes the files and URLs visited.

Associated With: AVG anti-virus program

Author: Grisoft
Author URL:
Related Applications:
Common Path: c:/ windows/ temp


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The Cause for .T$M files Errors:

.T$M files errors are potential critical Windows registry errors and many times are caused because of a faulty registry that needs to be repaired immediately to avoid further damage in other software and/or devices. Dangers include device damage, blue screen errors and fatal operating system crashes.

.T$M files Errors - Common Symptoms:

.T$M files errors bring on numerous symptoms, including: personal computer freezes while starting up or shutting down, applications freeze up, decreased pc speed, internal speaker beeps, trouble opening documents, slow system behaviour and application installation problems.

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