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What is the .TAG File Extension?

.TAG File Extension Description:

A query tag is utilized in SQL to execute a query task on a particular database, which will yield a specific set of results based on the indicated parameters. The file extension .tag is specifically identified as the name of the Query Tag run by DataFlex, which is commonly associated with database search strings. The .tag file extension is implemented in query operations by the object-oriented database application, which can produce 4G programs using environments under character mode.

The DataFlex program, associated with the file extension .tag, provides the framework to output high performance and reliable enterprise applications with ease and efficiency. The application characterized by its portable development environment, can be deployed in Microsoft Windows, SCO Unix, Sun OS, HP-UX, AIX, UNIX, and Linux operating system platforms.

The visual edition of the DataFlex program supported by the file extension .tag is dedicated to the quick development and deployment of database, independent web and Windows based programs. The methodology implemented, omits tedious and often redundant customized codings in the creation of RAD applications. The improved framework and Studio related to the application, allows the file extension .tag to tap into extensive technical information that can serve developers in good stead, in the creation not only of programs, but related help files as well.

A new feature introduced in the Visual DataFlex program is the sizing of the client area (including dialogs and views), which will be automatically resized based on the declared client area. As opposed to the previous version supported by the file extension .tag, where control for client area sizing was dependent on the total area occupied by the Window. The advantage to this is that it has become more platforms independent to deploy the application, and its related support files like the file extension .tag, because the client area is now constant.

The latest version of the DataFlex application to implement the file extension .tag also loads the workspace faster, and overall has an improved performance even in handling multiple files. This advancement translates to better and faster querying results, when utilizing the file extension .tag because of the considerably lesser amount of time to attain desired results. Incremental changes have also been undertaken not only in relation to the file extension .tag, but also with other features and functionalities of the program as whole, and not merely cosmetic improvements.

Author: Data Access Worldwide
Author URL: http://www.dataaccess.com/
Related Applications: DataFlex
Common Path: C:/ Program Files/ Visual DataFlex


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What Causes .TAG files Errors?

A typical and frequent cause for .TAG files errors is corruption in the Windows registry - fixing is necessary to protect against further harm in other software and/or devices. As long as the errors persist your computer remains capable of possible blue screen errors, hardware failure and fatal crashes.

What are the Symptoms of .TAG files Errors?

Common symptoms from .TAG files errors include reduced system speed, extended software load times, failure accessing files, excessive suspensions in program routines, software exits without an indication of error, screen freezing and programs crash.

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