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What is the .TAZ File Extension?

.TAZ File Extension Description:

The files with the .taz file extension are compressed UNIX TAR archives. Initially creating the files with the TAR file extensions and then compresses them. The files with the .taz file extension can be extracted from this compressed archive by decompressing them first, then extracting the archive. They can also be extracted by typing the following commands: cat filename.taz| zcat| tar xvf - or zcat filename.taz| tar xvf -.

Similar to a majority of UNIX utilities, the archive file TAR is a single specialist program that does only one thing, that is, to archive. It does not necessitate any particular file extension so as to have the file recognized as a type of archive. By default, the archive files of TAR have names ending in TAR file extension. If ever an archive gets compressed, there is an addition of suffix created by the compression program. This is for its own file extension which results in filenames that ends with the TAR.GZ, TAR.Z or TAR.BZ2.

Thus, due to the 8.3 filename limitations of MS-DOS, such names are not allowed to be used. Thus a second set of rules for storing compressed TAR archives are used for such things as the file extension TAZ which is equivalent to TAR.Z. These shortened file extensions are still being used despite the almost disappearance of the limited file systems which made them necessary.

Files with the .taz file extension are like files with the .tar file extension. A header block precedes each file. This is with its file data that is written unaltered is apart from its length and is rounded by up to 512 bytes and a zero filled extra space. The end part of the file is marked by two consecutive "zero" filled blocks as well.

Thus, the TAZ file extension's file header has a metadata pertaining to the file with its header block encoded in ASCII. This ensures portability to various architectures that have varied byte orderings. The field is usually zero filled if unused.

Author: UNIX System
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Related Applications: TAR, GZIP, WINZIP
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The Cause for .TAZ files Errors:

A common and likely cause for .TAZ files errors is corruption in the Windows registry - cleaning is required to protect against more damage in other applications and/or devices. Receiving these errors puts your PC in danger for fatal crashes, blue screen errors and even hardware failure.

Symptoms of .TAZ files Errors:

.TAZ files error symptoms include software freezes, system shut down or start up problems, jerky system performance, sluggish behaviour, input freezing, internal speaker beeps, trouble saving documents as well as issues while installing software.

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