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What is the .TD0 File Extension?

.TD0 File Extension Description:

The TD0 file extension contains the Teledisk disk image, which is saved as a compressed file. It is used by the application Teledisk Archive to store large size images.

The Teledisk Archive became a highly in demand tool for archiving way back in the 1990's. It was first released by the company Sydex as a shareware application and was later bought by New Technologies, Inc. The file with the .td0 file extension is still used to contain files from a compressed diskette and runs on MSDOS program archives.

The TD0 file extension can reliably duplicate compressed diskette images such as RX50 images. It extracts the archived images and recreates these images so that the user can make use of the images using present-day machines and platforms. The Teledisk tool extracts the compressed data from the files with the .td0 file extension when recreating a diskette file. Users can recreate disks from images that are archived on the files with the .td0 file extension by extracting the files using Teledisk and saving this on whatever graphics program it prefers.

When recreating images, the Teledisk runs the TDO file extension using internal timing loops. This way, images are recreated sector by sector, thus allowing Teledisk to recreate even large-size files.

Most files with the .td0 file extension have 512 byte sectors that can be used on RX50 disks. However, this does not matter much when using Teledisk to write an archived image to a disk drive. The diskette's density, whether low or high is not important, just as the quality of the recreated image in the files with the .td0 file extension is not determined by the diskette's recording mode. Teledisk uses track computation, not the number and size of sectors, to extract images and files. The computation is based on 500K data rate and 360 RPM drive.

Teledisk reviews the TDO file extension on a compressed diskette up to its track 82 cylinder (or track 42 when using a tpi drive). It will keep looking through all the tracks until there is no more data returned. This way, Teledisk makes a valid recreation, even on playback. These files can be loaded on DEC PRO, Rainbow and DecMate disks.

Author: New Technologies, Inc.
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Related Applications: Teledisk Archive
Common Path: N/A


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The Common Cause of .TD0 files Errors:

.TD0 files errors are potential serious Windows file system errors and may be caused by a corrupt registry that should be repaired at once to avoid additional damage in other applications and/or devices. During the time the errors continue your system remains capable of potential blue screen errors, device failure and fatal crashes.

What are the Symptoms of .TD0 files Errors?

.TD0 files errors bring on many symptoms, including but not limited to: personal computer hangs on start up or shut down, applications halt, decreased pc performance, case speaker beeping, trouble opening files, slow system behaviour and trouble installing applications.

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