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What is the .TG1 File Extension?

.TG1 File Extension Description:

The TG1 file extension is associated with project files found in On Target, a Windows-based real state analysis software designed to assist you in the decision making process of purchasing a property and broaden your knowledge and expertise in real state investment. It can be used in determining the acquisition of properties such as buildings, mini warehouses, industrial properties, apartments, office buildings, and single family rentals.

On Target is embedded with a user-friendly analysis feature used to determine the ROI (Return on Investment), estimate future net worth, analyze cash flow, compare multiple income, increase profits and reduce risks, build wealth systematically, and incorporate United States real estate taxation laws.

Files with the .tg1 file extension can be created with data entries from 10-year comprehensive projections for taxable income, expenses, tax liability, and analysis of cash flow along with loan amortization, sales proceeds, equity build up, and much more. These files can come from thousands of actual numerical calculations that can generate reports and graphic presentations in seconds.

The file with the .tg1 file extension is a summary of all the data inputted in the project such as the property type, property address, and other information about the investor, depreciation, financial, revenues and expenses, investor tax rate, mortgage, and other rate information. After entering all the input data, a Summary of the data entered is generated except for the individual operating expenses and yearly growth rate settings for appreciation, income, expenses, and vacancy rates.

Aside from reports and graphic presentations, the On Target analysis software also includes cover sheet with a picture of the property, blank forms meant for gathering the so-called "property input data", online help facility, executive summary, comprehensive sensitivity analysis, and prorate financial data based on percent ownership. These On Target features provide the flexibility of files with the .tg1 file extension.

Author: Advantage Software LLC
Author URL:
Related Applications: On Target
Common Path: C:/ Program Files


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What Causes .TG1 files Errors to Occur?

.TG1 files errors are possibly serious Windows registry errors and may be caused due to a broken registry entry that you should repair immediately to prevent additional damage in other software and/or devices. Dangers include system device damage, blue screen errors and fatal crashes.

Symptoms of .TG1 files Errors:

Typical symptoms from .TG1 files errors include slower personal computer performance, extended application start up times, trouble accessing files, excessive suspensions in application procedures, software ends without showing an indication of error, input freezing and applications crash.

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What is the .TG1 File Extension?    |    Scan for .TG1 File Extension Errors    |    Repair .TG1 File Errors