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What is the .TMY2 File Extension?

.TMY2 File Extension Description:

Files with the .tmy2 file extension are data sets derived from the National Solar Radiation Data Base (NSRDB). Their formats are different from the format utilized for the original TMY and the NSRDB data files.

Files with the .tmy2 file extension are intended for computer simulations of solar energy conversion systems as well as building systems to support the performance comparisons of different system types alongside their configurations and locations in the United States and its territories.

Each hourly record in the file with the .tmy2 file extension contains values for luminance, solar radiation, and meteorological elements for each station. Attached to each data value is a two-character source and uncertainty flag that can indicate if the data value is modeled, measured, or missing providing an estimate of the uncertainty of this data value.

Files with the file extension .tmy2 consist of ASCII computer readable characters and possess a 1.26 MB file size. The first record of each file is the file header that describes the station. The file header contains the WBAN number, city, state, time zone, latitude, longitude, and elevation.

Following the file header of the file with the .tmy2 file extension are 8760 hourly data records, which provide a year of solar radiation, luminance, and meteorological data, alongside their source as well as their uncertainty flags. Each hourly record begins with the year from which the typical month is chosen, followed by the month, day, and hour information.

For solar radiation and luminance elements, the data values represent the energy received during the allotted 60 minutes prior to the exact hour indicated. For meteorological elements, observations are made at the hour indicated. Some of the regarded meteorological elements even had measurements, observations, or estimates that ware made daily and not hourly intervals. Thus, the data values for the broadband aerosol's optical depth, snow depth, including the days since the last snowfall characterizes the available values for the precise day indicated.

Although both the NSRDB and the files with the .tmy2 file extension used methods to fill data where possible, some elements never lent themselves towards interpolation or to various other methods for data-fillings. This is because of their discontinuous nature. As a result, the data in the files with the .tmy2 file extension are missing for ceiling height, horizontal visibility, and the current weather, with approximately 2 hours consecutively for Class A stations and up to 47 hours for Class B stations.

For the most part, the source and uncertainty flags in the files with the .tmy2 file extension are the same as the ones in NSRDB, from which they were derived. However, differences for missing data do exist within the NSRDB. Thus, it was then filled at the same time as developing the data sets of the file extension TMY2. Then again, uncertainty values are applicable on the data, giving respect to when the data were measured, and not as to how "typical" a particular hour is for a future month and day.

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