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What is the .TOPC File Extension?

.TOPC File Extension Description:

The TOPC file extension is designed for determining positions in search engines. Using the Windows application TopicCrunch, it permits swift setting designed for domain and search engine optimation check. Given that the internal structure is conserved, the TOPC files can be modified outside TopicCrunch via word processor software or text editor. The documents with the TOPC file extension are saved in plain text format.

The TopicCrunch Windows application is designed to function for every search term given, individually, in every search engine selected. Subsequently, it extracts the domain, eliminates copies, and presents the outcome as web page or spreadsheet. TopicCrunch Project File is a unique category of instrument designed for web searching: it provides search on foremost search engines (Yahoo, Google, and MSN); provides straightforward use for the facility to explore up to four distinctions of keywords or search phrases, misspellings, and plurals. TOPC ranks the uppermost location achieved by the domain when the needed phrases is typed via the search engine, arranged in succession from highest to average status across the three engines.

The file extension .topc is centered on domains. It permits you to tunnel deep without manually presenting an outcome through pages of results. Every outcome is a clickable hyperlink. This allows the interface to direct the results and additionally prefers to save them to CSV (comma-separated values) documentation in identical progression, to be opened in accepted database software. The criteria exploration is saved using the .topc file extension. The category of this file is expressed as the 'project', and is used for searches to run regularly. It provides a comprehensive, easy-to-use application, and fast detailed modes for checking single-domain search engines in a user-friendly fashion.

The TOPC, abbreviated from TopicCrunch Project File, requires an Internet connection, Windows (98se, ME, 2000, XP), 256 of memory (RAM), and a 600 MHz processor.

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Related Applications: TopicCrunch domain and search engine optimation check
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The Reason for .TOPC files Errors:

.TOPC files errors are possibly severe Windows file errors and are caused due to a damaged registry that you should fix at once to prevent further corruption in other software and/or devices. Risks include hardware failure, blue screen errors and fatal operating system crashes.

Symptoms of .TOPC files Errors:

Typical symptoms from .TOPC files errors include reduced computer speed, long software start up speed, trouble opening files, extended suspensions in software routines, applications ends without an error, input freezes and software crash.

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