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What is the .TPL File Extension?

.TPL File Extension Description:

The TPL file extension works for various applications but only for one purpose. That is to identify the template file of these applications. Included to the applications that utilize the TPL file extension as their template file are: the application ACT!, BestAddress HTML Editor, CakeWalk Audio, Canvas 7, DataCAD, fKey Template Designer, Harvard Graphics, Microimages, NoteTab, Page Express, PHP Development, SignIQ, TextBridge, Timeslips TSImport, and Ulead iPhoto Express. Though the TPL file extension has other functions aside from being the template file, this particular task is just the most common and most familiar.

The TPL file extension has style settings and information about the know-how of creating a new document for a certain application. Almost all applications have this file extension, and this has proven itself worthy and significant as an aid for the user.

The ACT! Application, which generates the TPL file extension, is a contact and customer manager that helps the user organize his contact information, communicate effectively with the clients, improve business productivity, and manage daily responsibilities. This application is like a digital organizer and phone book in one. Meanwhile, the BestAddress HTML Editor is used in creating websites through editing HTML files. It has a number of features like live split-screen preview, code check, spell check, and other FTP capabilities.

On the other hand, the CakeWalk Audio Finder is made to display the relationship between the CWP files and Cakewalk WRK files and its associated audio files. It even helps in searching for the missing audio data. While the application Canvas 7 is used for making digital images with capabilities for animation. It also has an advanced HTML output, as well as different SpriteEffects.

Also, aside from being a template file, the TPL file extension also works as a source code for Arena template. This same file extension also works as the preset file for the Photoshop Tools. There is also the TPL file extension for the RapidForm as the collection file. There is also the TPL file extension as the designer for the Access Workflow, and it also works as the resident unit for Turbo Pascal.

Author: Microsoft Corporation, Best Software CRM Division, Rockwell Automation, Inc., Multimedia Australia Pty. Ltd., Cakewalk, DataCAD LLC, Harvard Graphics, MicroImages, Inc., Adobe Systems, Inc., INUS Technology, Inc., Impulse Logic, Peachtree Software, Borlan
Author URL: http://www.microsoft.com/,http://www.rockwellautomation.com/,http://www.cakewalk.com/,http://www.
Related Applications: ACT!, BestAddress HTML Editor, CakeWalk Audio, Canvas 7, DataCAD, fKey Template Designer, Harvard Graphics, Microimages, NoteTab, Page Express, PHP Development, SignIQ, TextBridge, Timeslips TSImport, Ulead iPhoto Express, Arena, Photoshop, RapidForm, Acc
Common Path: C:/ Program Files/


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What Causes .TPL files Errors?

A typical and frequent cause for .TPL files errors is corruption in the Windows program registry - cleaning is needed to avoid additional harm in other applications and/or system devices. As long as the errors continue your PC remains in danger of possible blue screen errors, hardware failure and fatal crashes.

What are the Symptoms of .TPL files Errors?

Common symptoms from .TPL files errors include slower personal computer performance, long program load speed, trouble accessing documents, excessive breaks in program routines, software closes without displaying an error message, input freezing and software crash.

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How to Fix .TPL File Extension Errors    |    What is the .TPL File Extension?    |    Repair .TPL File Errors