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What is the .TRE File Extension?

.TRE File Extension Description:

The nombuild program is part of a system that describes bird phylogenies by arranging them taxonomically as computer files. This six-letter code system was specifically invented in order to offer a census data of Christmas Birds. However, the general application of providing nomenclature infrastructure for information concerning the birds of North America is also included.

The nombuild program checks the various input files and compiles them into a set of standard product files such as:

* the so-called abbreviations file with the .ab6 file extension which defines all the six letter codes;

* the collisions file with the .col file extension which identifies each of the bird codes having six letters are deemed invalid because two or more names could abbreviate to that code; and

* Tree files with the .tre file extension, which defines all of the taxa inside the standard forms file. Aside from this, each subspecific taxa derived from the substitute forms file is also defined. Its name will be similar to the input file except for the fact that it has the TRE file extension.

The file with the .tre file extension identifies all the different scientific names used in the nombuild program. This file starts with "var" which is the first field on each line represented by the taxonomic key number. The exact format of this field depends on the content of the ranks file. The next field is the "6" taxon which has a typical bird code with six letters but if there is no code provided this field is left blank.

The field "1" of the file with the .tre file extension is for usually accepted forms and is usually left blank. However, a question mark (?) appears in this field if the said form is not included inside the key AOU Check-List. The next field is "36" which is the binomial or scientific name given to the particular group which the form is being referred to, padded on the right with spaces, and aligned flush left. For the subspecific forms being defined inside the substitute names file, this field actually contains the binomial or scientific name, having an integer and a space appended.

Field "56" is the English name of this form that appears next in the file with the .tre file extension. It is aligned right-padded and flushed left with spaces. Hence, for multi-word names, the generic part comes first, followed by a comma, one space, and the specific part.

Author: John Shipman
Author URL: http://infohost.nmt.edu/~shipman/
Related Applications: nombuild program
Common Path: N/A


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.TRE files errors are possibly critical Windows file errors and are caused by a corrupted registry entry that needs to be rectified at once to protect against additional failure in other software and/or devices. Receiving these errors puts your computer in danger for fatal crashes, blue screen errors and even device failure.

Symptoms of .TRE files Errors:

.TRE files errors produce many symptoms, including: pc hangs on start up or shut down, softwares halt, reduced personal computer speed, internal speaker beeping, problems accessing files, sluggish behaviour and problems installing programs.

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