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What is the .TRY File Extension?

.TRY File Extension Description:

The file extension TRY is used as a text file by the application Trypigon. The application Trypigon is written using Visual Basic 6.0 and is compatible with the following operating systems; Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows ME, Microsoft Windows XP, and Windows Vista. The Trypigon application is specifically created for non English users.

Trypigon is a text editor program created by 620 Software. Aside from the files with the TRY file extension; this application also opens files with the TXT file extension. The graphical user interface of this application is similar to common text editing applications, which consist of a main menu, tool bars and the main editing window.

The main menu of the application Trypigon is composed of three components; Fájl, Szrkeszt and Keresési menü. Its toolbars consist of five utilities. The first utility is the Undo button, which allows users to go back to the last few actions taken, thereby erasing the changes made on the files with the TRY file extension by the very last command. The second utility is the Save As button, which is responsible for saving the created file as a text file with the TRY file extension.

The third utility of the Trypigon software is the Open file button, which allows users to find the file, with either the TXT or TRY file extension, in the specific folder where the file is located, and then loading the said file into the application. The fourth utility is the Find button, which permits the user to perform a simple operation to find a string of characters within the loaded file saved in the TRY file extension. The last utility is the Help button, which provides users with the information needed in navigating the application.

Author: 620 Software
Author URL:
Related Applications: Trypigon
Common Path: N/A


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Do you have errors with .TRY files?

The Standard Reason for .TRY files Errors to Occur:

When encountering errors with .TRY files you are likely receiving a severe Windows file system error - your error may be the result of damage in your registry and you should act to repair it right away to avoid further corruption to the operating system. While the errors persist your computer stays capable of likely blue screen errors, device failure and fatal crashes.

What are the Symptoms of .TRY files Errors?

.TRY files errors bring forth numerous symptoms, such as: pc locks on start up or shut down, applications crash, diminished system performance, built-in speaker beeps, problems saving files, slow system behaviour and software installation trouble.

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