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What is the .URT File Extension?

.URT File Extension Description:

URT is the native file format of the Utah Raster Toolkit where the file extension URT was derived. The Utah Raster Toolkit started as part of the Alpha_1 advanced research system. It is a compilation of C routines in addition to a variety of programs that deal with raster images. These images are stored in files with the .urt file extension, which also contain the information about them.

The files with the .urt file extension are designed to store multi-level raster images of various sizes and depths by using run length encoding (RLE) technology. They are not intended for binary images such as bitmaps. Their design is presented first followed by the library routines descriptions used to create and read files with the .urt file extension.

Each file with the .urt file extension is built on several basic concepts, the central of which is the channel. The channel relates to a single color but up to 255 color channels can be used; one channel is reserved for the alpha data.

All data in files with the .urt file extension are treated as byte stream. They contain two parts: the header which contains all the information related to the image like the number of channels, size, color map, and comments and the scanline data which describes the image itself. The image data in a file with the .urt file extension is stored in the form of scanline where the data for each channel is grouped together. It runs in matching pixel values, which are compressed into counts, and values.

Files with the .urt file extension can be read and written by two subroutine interfaces, namely the "row" interface communicating in arrays of pixel values and the "raw" interface communicating in a list of "opcode" values. Calling the setup function allowing multiple streams to be opened simultaneously can initialize both interfaces.

In order to create files with .urt file extension in RLE format, the global structure and its image information along with the output file descriptor are initialized first. Then the sv_setup is called which writes the file header, initializing the private portion of the global structure. The image data is then expressed in scanline order, computed and written to the output file. After all scanlines have been written, the sv_puteof is called to write the EOF opcode into the file with the .urt file extension. This indicates the end of the data.

Author: Spencer W. Thomas
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Related Applications: Utah Raster Toolkit
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The Cause for .URT files Errors:

.URT files errors are potential serious Windows errors and are brought on due to a broken registry entry that needs to be rectified immediately to prevent even further corruption in other software and/or hardware. Receiving these errors places your personal computer at risk for fatal crashes, blue screen errors and even device failure.

Symptoms of .URT files Errors:

.URT files error symptoms include program crashes, start up or shut down troubles, jerky pc performance, sluggish behaviour, input freeze, internal speaker beeps, trouble loading documents as well as issues during software installation.

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