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What is the .VGD File Extension?

.VGD File Extension Description:

The file extension VGA functions as the driver for Video Graphics Array (VGA), serving as a support array for both graphics display and alphanumeric texts. The file extension VGD provides display simulation for the normal mode of the visual environment of the driver. The file extension VGD highlights a full color display on a screen that is hemispherical in form.

The file extension VGD features standard graphic modes in 640x480, 640x350 and 320x200 in 16 colors, and 320x200 in 256 colors. For alphanumeric texts, the file extension VGD shows 40x25 or 80x25 text cells that possess 16 colors available for the foreground and 8 colors available for background. The colors for the background have no intensity bit set as high.

To perform its other functions, the file extension VGD works with VGA adapter that supports both the color and monochrome text mode. For plain text applications, the system needs VGA monochrome monitors. For color texts, two bytes represent the display. One of these is the character or the lower byte that is the real character for the character set in use. Another one is the attribute or the higher byte, which chooses different video attributes like blinking, color, and character set.

Along with the file extension VGD, the VGA memory ranges from segments 0xA000 to 0xC000. 0xA000 is applicable for graphics mode, measuring about 64 kilobytes. The monochrome text mode measures 0xB000, translating to 32 kilobytes. For graphics modes compatible for CGA and color texts, the memory measures 0xB800 translating to 32 kilobytes.

In addition, along with the file extension VGD, the VGA can be tweaked to produce a display having one color filling for polygon. This is set up for four pixels making only one write for hardware. The video adapter assists in making copies of video Random Access Module (RAM) regions relatively quicker than the interface CPU-to-VGA. VGA tweaking also makes use of different video pages to make double or even triple buffering for 16-color mode for 320x200.

Author: International Business Machines (,IBM), Corporation
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Related Applications: Video Graphics Array (,VGA),
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What Causes .VGD files Errors to Occur?

Upon experiencing errors with .VGD files you are in all likelihood experiencing a severe Windows file error - your error can be the result of corruption to your program registry and you should act to repair it immediately to prevent further damage to your registry. As long as the errors remain your personal computer remains in danger of likely blue screen errors, hardware failure and fatal crashes.

.VGD files Errors - Common Symptoms:

Common symptoms from .VGD files errors include slower computer performance, long application load speed, failure accessing documents, long suspensions in software procedures, software ends without displaying an error message, screen halts and applications lock up.

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