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What is the .VRML File Extension?

.VRML File Extension Description:

The file extension VRML known as the "Virtual Reality Modeling Language" is a standard type of file format used for 3D or 3-dimensional Interactive Vector Graphics, which was designed together with the WWW or World Wide Web.

The file extension VRML describes interactive 3D objects and worlds. It is used on the Internet, intranets, and local client systems. This file extension is also intended to be a universal interchange format for integrated 3D graphics and multimedia. This file extension is utilized in various application areas like scientific and engineering visualization, educational and entertainment titles, multimedia presentations, web pages, and shared virtual worlds. This file extension is more intricate than HTML. It then requires some programming knowledge. This is although a few application tools actually make it even easier to have virtual worlds created.

This file extension VRML enjoys extensive use in education and research more so now that it has been re-engineered as X3D. Now many 3D modeling programs use the VRML format in saving objects and scenes. It is also used as a file format for interchange of 3D models mainly from CAD systems.

The files in the .vrml file extension have been designed to fulfill certain requirements like:

* Authorability - This file extension enables the advancement of certain computer programs that are capable of editing, creating, and maintaining these VRML files. It also enables programs with automatic translation for converting additional commonly utilized 3D-file formats onto the VRML files.

* Composability - This file extension provides the ability to use and merge dynamic 3D objects within a VRML world and allows re-usability.

* Extensibility provides the ability to include new object types not clearly defined in VRML.

* Capability of implementation towards a wide variety of systems.

* Performance, which emphasizes scalable, interactive performance on a wide variety of computing platforms.

* Scalability enables subjectively large and dynamic 3D-worlds.

The file extension VRML is able to represent a static, animated and dynamic 3D as well as multimedia objects the have hyperlinks to additional media such as sounds, text, images and movies. It also supports an extensive model which enables new and dynamic 3D type of objects that will be defined. This even allows application areas to develop an interoperable extension onto its base standard.

The most common way to display, show, browse, play, or view the .vrml file extension would be through a plugin, like a player, browser, reader, viewer, client, add-on, program, toolkit, software, or ActiveX control. This VRML plugin is downloaded and installed through the Internet Explorer, Firefox, or other browser. It enables the user to navigate the 3D world through the use of the keyboard or the mouse.

The VRML file extension can also be displayed without a plugin with standalone programs, toolkits and applets written in C++, Java, Java3D, and JOGL. Through this file extension the users can make use of animations, sounds, lighting, and other aspects of the virtual world can be triggered by external events like timers.

Author: Tim Berners-Lee and Dave Raggett
Author URL:
Related Applications: C++, Java, Java3D, and JOGL
Common Path: N/A


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What Causes .VRML files Errors to Occur?

.VRML files errors are possibly severe Windows file system errors and can be caused because of a corrupt program registry that should be rectified immediately to prevent further failure in other software and/or devices. Dangers include hardware damage, blue screen errors and fatal software crashes.

Symptoms of .VRML files Errors:

Common symptoms from .VRML files errors include reduced computer speed, extended software load times, trouble opening files, extended pauses in program routines, software shuts down without showing an error message, screen freezing and software lock up.

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What is the .VRML File Extension?    |    How to Fix .VRML File Extension Errors    |    Repair .VRML File Errors