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What is the .VS File Extension?

.VS File Extension Description:

Vivid 2.0 is a raytracer utility that uses numerous techniques to render images with computers. It has the ability to physically correct images that are composed by light wherein the light that comes from the light source bounce around as light rays in a scene before hitting the eyes or the camera. The path followed from the light source to the eyes can be reproduced in computer simulation so that the eyes can determine what they see.

Vivid 2.0 uses a preprocessor that supports only two directives: macros and include. The syntax for including a file into your input file is #include filename which can have any of the following file extensions: the VC file extension which defines #include file with color definitions, the VO file extension which defines #include file with object definitions, and the VS file extension which identifies #include file with surface definitions.

The surface structures of files with the .vs file extension allow you to describe the surface characteristics of the objects you are rendering such as texture, color, and reflectivity. When a surface is identified in the file with the .vs file extension, it is applied to all the primitives following it until a new surface is defined. This allows multiple objects to be entered without having to repeat the surface characteristics.

The file with the .vs file extension contains the following components, which are determined when raytracer establishes the color of an object in the scene:

* diffuse r g b - the object's actual color when illumined by a white light;

* ambient r g b - the color that the object appears in an entirely dark scene;

* specular r g b - specifies the reflectivity of the surface

* shine pow - determines how big the specular spot appears on the surface;

* transparent r g b - appears in part with the quantity of light passed through based on the object's thickness that the light is passing through;

* IOR (index of refraction) - determines how much the ray is bent as it passes into the transparent surface;

* no_antialias - tells the adaptive antialiasing to turn off the surface that can be caused by any large, fuzzy surfaces.

Author: Stephen B. Coy
Author URL: http://local.wasp.uwa.edu.au
Related Applications: Vivid 2.0
Common Path: N/A


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What Causes .VS files Errors to Occur?

.VS files errors are potential critical Windows file system errors and are often brought on because of a faulty registry entry that should be rectified at once to protect against additional failure in other applications and/or hardware. Dangers include hardware damage, blue screen errors and fatal software crashes.

What are the Symptoms of .VS files Errors?

Typical symptoms with .VS files errors include reduced personal computer speed, extended application start up times, failure loading files, long breaks in software functions, software closing without an indication of error, input freezes and software lock up.

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What is the .VS File Extension?    |    Scan for .VS File Extension Errors    |    How to Fix .VS File Extension Errors