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What is the .W3A File Extension?

.W3A File Extension Description:

The file extension .w3a is a format, which is extensively utilized and widely accepted for the delivery of Open Software Foundation interfaces for the X Windows System. The file extension .w3a is closely identified with Motif, which incorporates the Motif Toolkit or sometimes referred to as Xm or Motif Widgets. The X Windows system referenced by the file extension .w3a is basically a windowing system for public domain usage, and normally seen under a Linux or a UNIX computer system. X Windows covers standard libraries which implement routines used for the development of graphical user interface based programs, and utilities like xeyes, xcalc, xclock, and many more.

The file extension .w3a supports a set of user interfaces that are founded on the guidelines set forth by the Open Software Foundation, which defines the behavior (the look and the feel) of a software application including the placement of program related objects like menus and title bars. The .w3a file extension is deployed in over 200 software platforms and hardware devices, which provide the graphical user interface standards for the UNIX Operating System environment. These components are widely seen as an effort to extend the functional capabilities of the operating system, which was initially introduced as a text based platform, similar but more powerful than the DOS environment.

The .w3a file extension is closely identified with Motif and functions similarly as what any other file format would under other operating system environments like the Microsoft Windows, by identifying the particular data set contained by the file. As an example, a PDF format type would instruct the operating system to reference the Adobe Acrobat or a TXT extension type is normally associated with any word or text processing application. In the case of Motif, the file extension .w3a, which is declared as a hidden file, identifies all data companions that are stored in the sample folders. The file extension .w3a is commonly associated with the formats W2A (for all data type files), W7A (Motif ES all data), W8A (Motif ES all data companion, also hidden), W2E (Motif Voice Editor file), and the W3E (companion file for Voice Editor).

All of these files works in pairs with the .w3a file extension being in tandem with the W2A format and should be transferred together at all times, because they are interdependent with one file providing the instruction for the specific location, and the other containing the specific samples in the identified location.

Author: Open Software Foundation
Author URL: http://www.opengroup.org/
Related Applications: X Windows
Common Path: C:/


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The General Cause of .W3A files Errors to Occur:

.W3A files errors are potential serious Windows errors and can be brought on due to a damaged registry entry that needs to be fixed immediately to avoid additional damage in other software and/or hardware. Dangers include device damage, blue screen errors and fatal software crashes.

Symptoms of .W3A files Errors:

.W3A files error symptoms include software lock ups, shut down or start up problems, slow pc operation, sluggish behaviour, input halts, beeping sounds, trouble opening documents and issues while installing programs.

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