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What is the .W3D File Extension?

.W3D File Extension Description:

The most obvious usage of the file extension .w3d is in its implementation as a scene export file format for the Shockwave-3D software application, which is described as a tool to create Macromedia Shockwave files. The file extension .w3d serves as the default output file format that allows a high degree of customizing panoramic image viewing, including the Exporter function and great levels of interoperability with the graphic editor Photoshop. The .w3d file extension serves as a support component for the Web streaming format file, which is played back on an estimated 300 million Web browsers enabled with Shockwave technology.

The authoring of the file extension .w3d is normally done under the Director application of Macromedia, which includes the ability of adding 3D models for a file published with Shockwave based on the Intel Architecture Labs developed 3D engine. The Export converter utility will transform the 3D contents of the file to a .w3d file extension accessible in Macromedia Director. The process of conversion takes the original 3D content with the file extension .w3d and imports it into the Director, where it is added as a cast member of the movie and published via the program's user interface.

The exported movie file takes the DIR format type and is placed on the Web server, where it can be viewed over the Internet using any Shockwave enabled web browser. The movie is not published directly; but rather, the file extension .w3d is exported because it has the 3D content data with the Director acting as the loading application to allow publication. The .w3d file extension supports Mesh output that incorporates UV texture coordinates and vertex normals, as well as reflective channels, texture maps, and other parameters.

The file extension .w3d is known as a lossy data compression format that can convert huge 3D data files to smaller files, which can be easily transmitted on the Internet. The .w3d file extension possesses structures that are ideal resource data repositories, and direct embedding of exported data.

The Ray Trace Control File for the Black Belt Systems is likewise supported by the .w3d file extension, including a host of visual special effects that are run on any Windows based system. The concept of Ray Tracing, referenced by the file extension .w3d, refers to the method of rendering that is based on global illumination processing that traces the rays of light from the observer's eye to the its original source following the exact image plane.

The data file of the computer video game Wolfenstein also uses the file extension .w3d as its default format, and acts as a container for all types of information utilized during game play, which includes but is not limited to sprites, textures, and maps.

Author: Adobe Systems Incorporated, Black Belt Systems, id Software
Author URL:
Related Applications: Shockwave-3D, WinImages, Wolfenstein
Common Path: C:/ Program Files/


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The Reason for .W3D files Errors:

When you receive errors with .W3D files you are potential experiencing a severe Windows error - this error can be the result of corruption in your registry and action is required to repair it at once to avoid further damage to your registry. While the errors continue your PC remains capable of possible blue screen errors, device failure and fatal crashes.

.W3D files Errors - Common Symptoms:

.W3D files errors bring on numerous symptoms, such as: personal computer freezes on start up or shut down, applications freeze up, diminished personal computer speed, built-in speaker beeping, problems saving documents, slow system behaviour and trouble while installing software.

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