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What is the .WRI File Extension?

.WRI File Extension Description:

The WRI file extension is identified with documents created by the Windows Write word processor. Windows Write is one of the earliest word processors bundled with Windows, particularly versions 1.0, 2.0, and 3.X series. This software is similar to the modern WordPad introduced in Windows 95, but its features are superior to Notepad.

In the early versions of Windows, files with the .wri file extension only worked with Windows Write. But when Windows 3.0 was introduced and Microsoft Word was modernized, they became OLE capable that allowed them to be written and read by this application. Aside from Windows Write, Word and WordPad are the only Microsoft applications that support and can write/read files with the .wri file extension.

Files with the .wri file extension contain the following MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) types that can be used to describe the type of encoding necessary to send these files over the Internet or can be used to open them when received:

* application/miswrite

* application/x-mswrite

* application/wri

* application/x-wri

These files also contain unique characters at the start of their data:

Hex (position 1): BE 00 00 00 AB 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

Which are presented in two forms: hexadecimal (HEX) and/or ASCII text. The word "HEX" does not appear in the file itself; just the information after the colon. Having these special characters mean that files with the .wri file extension have specific format.

The original files with the .wri file extension are space-delimited. This means the data is separated by one or more spaces. They are also created using a kerned TrueType font wherein the width of the characters depends entirely on the font design. For example, Capital "O" can actually occupy two or three lowercase "i". Therefore, when these files are issued to a text file, their fonts are changed to typewriter-like fonts where each character occupies the same space. As a result, the words on the page are moved losing their alignment. Files with the .wri file extension are also tab-delimited, which means the tab-stops are in "odd-ball" format, and this separates the values.

Author: Microsoft Corporation
Author URL:
Related Applications: Windows Write, Word, WordPad
Common Path: C:/ Program Files


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What Causes .WRI files Errors to Occur?

When you get errors with .WRI files you are potential having a serious Windows file error - the error can be the effect of corruption to your program registry and action is required to fix it right away to avoid additional damage to your registry. Risks include device failure, blue screen errors and fatal crashes.

Symptoms of .WRI files Errors:

Common symptoms with .WRI files errors include poor computer speed, extended application start up times, trouble opening documents, excessive breaks in software routines, applications closes without an error, input halts and software crash.

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What is the .WRI File Extension?    |    Scan for .WRI File Extension Errors    |    Repair .WRI File Errors