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What is the .WST File Extension?

.WST File Extension Description:

The file extension .wst is deployed by the GridImp application, which is intended to display a graphical representation of plot points based on indexed coordinate datasets, instead of a location's name that is incorporated into the Microsoft MapPoint. The GridImp program, which generates the file extension .wst, performs with gridded datasets that looks similar to a contour plot, except that only pushpins and pie charts are plotted in MapPoint.

GridImp is useful in plotting subject areas on digitized map, which are used for analysis, incorporating collected geological data samples that can be visually emphasized with various colors and effects. The file extension .wst can execute on Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP including the newer Windows Vista Operating System platform. It offers a feature to use text exported not only from Windows based applications, but those created from Linux and UNIX based programs as well, which accounts for the program's greater flexibility.

The file extension .wst is also used as a theme file by application NextSTART, which is identified as a systematic pop-up menu generator that presents an alternative or supplemental tool to the built-in Start Menu of the Microsoft Windows Operating System environment. The file extension .wst implements a robust menu system, which does not require the inputting of program paths, because of its capability to read directory structures automatically, and use it as a basis for recreating menus in real time.

The .wst file extension is characterized by a flexible configuration utility, which can simulate menu systems from other operating systems like Mac OS X or even BeOS, with capability to implement transparencies. The behaviors of the menu system is dictated by the user, aside from the pre-defined actions contained in theme files like the .wst file extension that comes with its own skins, and usually with a set of icons for a completely new look for the menu system.

The WordStar word processing program (similar to Microsoft Office Word) also applies the file extension .wst to its generated text files. The WordStar application that creates the .wst file extension was considered as one of the premier word processing applications that were deployed under the MS-DOS environment.

Author: Winwaed Software Technology LLC, Winstep Software Technologies, Michael Petrie
Author URL:
Related Applications: GridImp, NextSTART, WordStar
Common Path: C:/ Program Files/


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What Causes .WST files Errors?

.WST files errors are possibly severe Windows registry errors and many times are caused because of a corrupted registry entry that you should fix right away to protect against even further corruption in other software and/or devices. Risks include hardware damage, blue screen errors and fatal operating system crashes.

What are the Symptoms of .WST files Errors?

.WST files errors produce many symptoms, including: personal computer freezes while starting up or shutting down, applications crash, decreased pc speed, built-in speaker beeps, trouble opening files, slow system behaviour and failure installing applications.

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What is the .WST File Extension?    |    How to Fix .WST File Extension Errors    |    Scan for .WST File Extension Errors