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What is the .WXH File Extension?

.WXH File Extension Description:

The WXH file extension is a Homeworld Game Sound Control File created by Sierra. The sound and especially the music and are both used with an ear to optimal mood and timing in Homeworld. The training mission speeches in solo game are of the highest immersive quality and the player will not find an error in detail there. Individual battleships have pilot babble and other diverse sound effects heard transversely through space.

Homeworld is a sequential mash of Real-time tactic computer game for PC CD-ROM. In this game, players control enormous armadas of space ships in full 3D animation. The unique Homeworld initiated a revolutionary step in synchronized strategy gaming with its release in the last quarter of 1999. Spectacular special effects, cinematic-excellence of graphics brilliantly provided ships and a pioneering interface merged to produce an unforgettable introduction.

The same team that created the soundtrack for Homeworld scored the game Homeworld 2. It features energetic music in WXH file extension format varying based on the expressive and situational environment of game play. Encounters mark dramatic tracks while moments that are more peaceful goes along with surrealistic ambient music. The depths of the experience are improved by including high quality, more inducing musical occurrences. The sound FX keeps the file extension WXH at a maximum quality feature at a larger array; tune has been added to the skirmish battles and numerous fixes to explosion and speech volume levels.

The WXH file extension in Homeworld is also as remarkable as the graphics engine. The all-new melodious score makes an enormous job of setting the entire "space is really, really big" atmosphere. The division recognition and sound effects are uniformly excellent.

Author: Sierra Entertainment
Author URL:
Related Applications: Sound Control
Common Path: N/A


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The Common Cause of .WXH files Errors to Occur:

When encountering errors with .WXH files you are likely having a serious Windows registry error - this error might be the result of corruption in your program registry and you should move to correct it at once to avert additional corruption to the file system. Risks include hardware failure, blue screen errors and fatal crashes.

What are the Symptoms of .WXH files Errors?

.WXH files error symptoms include application freezes, system shut down or start up problems, slow computer performance, sluggish behaviour, input halts, internal speaker beeps, problems opening documents and errors during software installation.

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What is the .WXH File Extension?    |    Scan for .WXH File Extension Errors    |    How to Fix .WXH File Extension Errors