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What is the .XLA File Extension?

.XLA File Extension Description:

Add-ins is an application that adds optional commands, extra functions, additional features and other tools that extend the functionality of Microsoft Excel. Excel has three types of add-in programs, namely the Excel add-ins, the custom COM (component object model) add-ins, and automation add-ins.

The Excel add-ins is capable of performing complex tasks using macros and Visual Basic for Applications. It uses the file extension XLA for its files. Files with the .xla file extension can be one of the following programs:

* Analysis ToolPak - provides statistical, financial, and engineering analysis tools and functions.

* Analysis ToolPak VBA - allows publication of statistical, financial, and engineering analysis functions

* Conditional Sum Wizard - provides the creation of formulas that computes data range.

* Euro Currency Tools -provides the formatting of values as euros and the conversion of currencies by the EUROCONVERT functions.

* Lookup Wizard - provides the creation of formulas to look up data range.

* Internet Assistant VBA - allows the publication of Excel data to the Web

* Solver Add-in - provides calculation of solutions to "what if" scenarios.

Files with the .xla file extension can contain UDFs (User Defined Functions) to provide calculation functions extending even beyond the usual calculation ability of Excel and standard manipulation of the workbook's data. UDFs can be automated with the files with the .xla file extension or can be done manually.

Files with the .xla file extension do not support embedding and cannot be opened inside Internet Explorer. They are not normally opened by end-users because the files with the .xls file extension are opened instead which load one or more files with the .xla file extension during startup. But in cases that files with the .xla file extension are opened directly, the scripting code can be used if the files are to be started through Internet Explorer.

Before files with the .xla file extension can be used, they are installed first on your computer. These files are installed by default in either the Library folder or one of its subfolders in the Microsoft Office folder or in the Documents and Settings folder. After installation, they are loaded into Excel to make their features available along with any of their associated commands to the appropriate menus.

The file with the .xla file extension is really a file with the .xls file extension that does not contain any worksheets. The only part of this file used by Excel is the Visual Basic for Applications project sub-storage that contains the VBA code. And because of that, it shares the same CLSID with an Excel workbook and is represented by the same MIME type.

Files with the .xla file extension cannot be seen in Excel due to the fact that Add-Ins is never visible. They can be created, edited and modified by using the Visual Basic for Application Editor. If these files need to provide any user interaction, command bar items or menu items can be created for the user. Generally, the VBA code can be used to create the command controls when the files with the .xla file extension are loaded as well as deleted when those controls are unloaded.

Author: Microsoft Corporation
Author URL:
Related Applications: Microsoft Excel, Visual Basic for Applications
Common Path: C:/ Program Files


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What Causes .XLA files Errors?

Upon receiving errors with .XLA files you are in all likelihood receiving a serious Windows file error - this error might be the result of damage in your registry and you should move to repair it at once to avoid additional corruption to your file system. Dangers include hardware failure, blue screen errors and fatal crashes.

.XLA files Errors - Common Symptoms:

.XLA files error symptoms include program crashes, shut down or start up troubles, jerky personal computer operation, laggy behaviour, input halts, internal speaker beeps, trouble opening program files as well as errors during program installation.

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