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What is the .XP File Extension?

.XP File Extension Description:

The file extension .xp is a proprietary audio file format identified with the pattern files of the Fast tracker software application, which comes from the older generation of music tracker programs introduced to the computer industry, prior to the advent of graphical user interface standards. The song pattern represented by the file extension .xp is implemented to generate a complete song, which is also associated with the XM module format of audio trackers. The file extension .xp is identified with the DOS based audio sequencing application Fast tracker, which is part or what is termed as old school programs that provide eight bit samples supported by four channel audio outputs, and are relatively more difficult to operate compared to newer similar programs under the same category because it is more based on keyboard shortcuts to execute command instructions. Trackers are often times also referred to as musical primer generators, because of its ability to provide technical tools for the representation of music.

The implementation of tracker applications like the Fast tracker identified with the .xp file extension, are founded on non linear sequencing platform commonly with adjustable bit rates from 8-bit to 16-bit and supported by audio tracks anywhere from the range of four to 64 depending on the audio sample. The adjustable bit rate associated with the file extension .xp is commonly found in newer tracker versions, which was an upgrade from the original limitations of Fast tracker. The .xp file extension's tracks are commonly characterized as mono, which means that both sides of the sample must be loaded to attain stereo quality musical files.

The Fast tracker application, referenced by the .xp file extension, requires a 16-bit SoundBlaster (Turtle Beach also works) audio card for proper execution of audio samples. The file extension .xp represents a class of software music application sequencers, which allows users to arrange audio samples stepwise across a musical timeline incorporating numerous monophonic channels. The interface of programs that generate .xp file extension types are generally numeric, with notes being entered using the alphanumeric keyboard keys. The effects, parameters, and other settings are encoded in hexadecimal format.

Author: United Trackers
Author URL:
Related Applications: Fast tracker
Common Path: User Defined


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What Causes .XP files Errors to Occur?

When you get errors with .XP files you are potential experiencing a critical Windows error - this error might be the result of damage in your program registry and you should move to fix it right away to avert additional damage to your registry. Dangers include device damage, blue screen errors and fatal operating system crashes.

Symptoms of .XP files Errors:

.XP files errors bring forth a range of symptoms, including but not limited to: system freezes while shutting down or starting up, applications lock up, reduced system performance, internal speaker beeps, problems saving files, slow system behaviour and software installation failure.

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