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What is the .YST File Extension?

.YST File Extension Description:

The YASRT (Yet another Simple Ray Tracer) software uses raytracing algorithm in order to generate actual realistic pictures derived from three-dimensional scenes' textual descriptions through the so-called "metaphor of photography". In layman's words, the photographer uses the camera to shoot photographs of the surrounding world.

YASRT takes one or more ASCII text files for input and generates a binary file of the scene described in those files for output. The output files ends with the YST file extension. A description language is used to describe the scene to be rendered.

By using raytracing techniques, files with the .yst file extension can simulate realistic optical occurrence such as objects which can be reflected in mirrors, objects which can be seen through other transparent objects and shadows which are cast when the light is blocked by one or more objects or objects with different surface properties, etc.

The files with the .yst file extension correspond to one or more rays being sent out towards a virtual world. Hence, each primitive like the Sphere, Cone, Plane, Polygon, Triangle, Smooth triangle, Ring, and Cylinder are sent with intersection tests so as to check if the rays hit one of them. The algorithm will then proceed via determining the precise color of the actual primitive surface hit by the intersection point.

Thus, basing on the primitive's surface, new rays are traced following the same algorithm. Finally, when a maximum volume of iterations have been attained, or if the regarded contribution of succeeding rays traced seems insignificant enough, then the process should be stopped. This process is then applied to all pixels of the image.

YASRT is a command-line program that should be initiated from a type of shell or simply executed from a type of external program. The actual command-line options should supersede the various directives provided in the scene description file given as input. This allows having a set of directives for the final version of the scene, while still experimenting on new features with fast rendering times via overriding this so-called set of directives.

The file with the .yst file extension is specified using the i (input switch) followed by the name of the input file like C:/ YASRT/ yasrt.exe i [filename].yst. The output filename can be changed by using the o or --output switch followed by the name of the output file without any specific file extension. Thus, YASRT will then automatically append the precise file extension basing it on the output file type.

Author: YASRT
Author URL: http://www.yasrt.org
Related Applications: YASRT Raytracer
Common Path: C:/ Program Files


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The Reason for .YST files Errors:

.YST files errors are potential severe Windows registry errors and are caused due to a damaged registry entry that should be rectified immediately to protect against additional damage in other software and/or devices. Dangers include device damage, blue screen errors and fatal crashes.

What are the Symptoms of .YST files Errors?

Common symptoms from .YST files errors include reduced computer performance, excessive program start up speed, problems loading files, extended breaks in application functions, programs exits without an error, screen halts and programs crash.

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